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What if we told you…. You CAN afford a 3 bedroom house… on a full lot of land….. For less than one million dollars?

Home ownership is a dream shared by many.  Unfortunately, due to modern market trends, this dream has become more and more improbable, and continues each day to become more and more of an insufferably evasive endeavour.

Ever asked yourself, why is it that you work hard… You have a decent job….

But affordable housing is STILL out of your reach…?

Why IS that?

Isn’t that something you deserve…. ? Why are the only options available to you, are low end, low quality housing, at extremely high-end prices??

Call us…. And change that today….

Backed by a powerful team of young engineers, architects, and construction experts, we have dedicated years to studying the local building industry, and have combined, practiced and perfected the art of modern-minimalist design, value engineering principles and lean construction methodology. Every project we approach, considerable man-hours are invested into efficiency planning, streamlining supply chain, and trades thus maximizing on client end value while enjoying considerable cost savings in real time.

At Boscon Construction we believe in offering our clients more-for-less. We offer a full range of services, Design, Construction and Project management, which would allow our clients to enjoy a seamless, smooth and hassle free execution of any construction undertaking; from a large-scale development or small residential or commercial building project, at a considerably lower end cost

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Here are a few of our standard basic predesigned offerings.

These units have been expertly designed, not only to meet  and exceed required statutory building codes (All buildings shall be pre approved, prior to construction), but also to allow users levels of luxury, comfort and convenience never before seen, even in so called high end” units!!

These units aren’t a random cut and paste generic low-mid range level design we’ve all been made accustomed to…

Each of our amazing designs, have been developed in a strategic and synchronized design strategy, maintaining two main objectives: Ease of construction Affordability

Designed specifically with the modern home owner in mind… Low budget NO LONGER means low end!!

Standard Features Include:

  • Wireless connectivity, pre wired for smart home features (see our optional smart home upgrade packages)
  • Installed CCTV camera system
  • Recessed external soffit lighting (Additional LED lighting features available)
  • Modern architectural components, glass, wraparound curtain wall façade