CreteForm offers innovative and customizable concrete formwork solutions. Their cutting-edge technology allows for the creation of unique, durable, and precisely crafted concrete structures. With a focus on efficiency and quality, CreteForm provides tailored formwork systems that empower construction professionals to streamline their projects and achieve exceptional results.

CreteForm’s revolutionary form system eliminates the need for disassembly post-concrete hardening. Designed to be assembled by unskilled labor, it enhances construction efficiency significantly, especially during the project’s initial phases when electrical and plumbing work takes place. Notably, it allows for doors and windows to be installed while the concrete is still drying, accelerating construction timelines.

CreteForm comes pre-finished, removing the necessity for plaster work. It also eliminates the requirement for external timber support during concrete pouring. Drawing from past experiences, a 1100 sq ft home can be entirely finished within just 28 days, presenting substantial time and cost savings for both contractors and homeowners alike.

Boscon Construction Limited proudly collaborates with CreteForm, introducing their groundbreaking services to Trinidad and Tobago. As a trusted partner, Boscon Construction extends an invitation to explore how CreteForm can elevate your projects, enhancing their quality and expanding your budget’s potential. Reach out today to discover how CreteForm’s innovative solutions can revolutionize your construction endeavors in Trinidad and Tobago, optimizing efficiency and excellence in every aspect.