Undertaking a large scale building project on your own?

Or maybe you wish to stimulate your “Do-it-yourself” passion, and need basic guidance from the experts.

Boscon Turn-key Solutions

We can have your new project designed from scratch or built to meet your most demanding requirements. Our design team, can prepare and execute a working concept, a full construction package, all design elements (Architectural, Civil, Electrical, HVAC, MEP) included. We have comprehensively studied the local building industry, and have combined, practiced and perfected the art of modern-minimalist design, value engineering principles and lean construction methodology. All our designs are themed around delivering the highest quality products, at the lowest possible cost.

 Our services include:

  • Architectural/ Civil / M&E/ Design services
  • Technical proposals & Tender submissions
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Quality Management services
  • General Project Management services & Client interface

Boscon LITE Consulting package

Think you already have what it takes to get the job done?

Or perhaps you’ve been made to believe you cannot afford the “luxury” of professional construction management services to steer your project through the rough and uncertain seas of cost overruns and scope creep;

Have a chat with our team and we will show you how we can offer you peace of mind, while maintaining your budget.

Our services include:

  • Design outlines
  • Technical advice
  • Part time site management services