Boscon Construction was established in 2009 as a Limited Liability Company, specializing in project planning, execution and construction management, training and consulting services for both individuals and larger organizations.

Our company was born out of the recognition of the need to respond to challenges in the business environment, to continuously achieve growth; and navigate the sometimes overwhelming trials associated with successful planning and execution of construction projects.

Our core business is to allow our clients to enjoy the full powers of Project Planning and Execution, without the pitfalls usually associated with such. We provide a lean operation, lower overhead costs, and an enhanced ability to deliver.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of greater overall cost control, while streamlining and refocusing their attention to more critical matters, with the knowledge that their interests are being taken care of, both on and off the jobsite.

We invite you to take a brief moment to review our website, review our projects, and learn how you can become one of

our many satisfied clients.

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